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I take the stress

out of adapting

your home

Rebecca Orde

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I help clients in Cambridge and surrounding areas to plan, design and adapt their homes. I can guide you through the whole process from prioritising tasks, looking at suitable layouts, appointing a builder through to the final touches. 

"The thought of trying to manage all the different tradespeople, and get it all co-ordinated would have been too all encompassing for our busy lives. Rebecca took care of everything. I cannot imagine undertaking a project like this without her help."


Philip Wood, Holland Street

On time, On budget

From planning applications to building control regulations, sourcing reliable trades to finding the perfect original Victorian fireplace, I can help you every step of the way to ensure your vision is realised on time and on budget.

Single Point of Contact

Managing a building project can take a huge amount of time, especially if you've never done it before. Through experience, I can save you time and money in the long run, not to mention the stress you can avoid by having a single point of contact.


I am independent from contractors, architects or interior designers and will always put your requirements first. I have a tried and tested network of trades, and suppliers and specialist craftsmen I can rely on.



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"I was really impressed with the quality of workmanship, particularly the individuals themselves. You are opening up your house to strangers and leaving them to it, you need to have a high degree of trust and confidence in them all. Rebecca put together a really good bunch of tradesmen."


Margaret Bird

End to end service

A residential development project can span a number of months, so I like to feel like an extension of the family rather than a stranger in the house. I go the extra mile for my clients to ensure they’re happy, from driving to collect building materials ensuring tradesmen stay on track, to unpacking the boxes and hanging the pictures when a project is complete.


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How can I help ?

I can work with you at any stage of your project. From visiting potential properties prior to purchase, undertaking the refurbishment of a bathroom or kitchen, through to managing a whole house refurbishment project from end-to-end.

I am a people person and comfortable working with architects, structural engineers, and contractors whom I’ve not worked with before, forming relationships with them to support the overall success of the project. If you are yet to appoint a contractor, I’m happy to propose people that I know can deliver the level of quality and service you expect.

"Rebecca’s selection was very good from fixtures and fittings, to plumbing and gas all very professional and very good at what they did. They were all quality people."

Hugh Purser

You can be involved in the project as much or as little as you would like.
I am happy to work around your schedule, including early morning, after work or even at weekends.

"It just takes the worry away. When there’s problems you know Rebecca is going to fix it."

"It became very evident very quickly that using a professional project manager was a wise and sensible investment."

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Layout & Design

I have good relationships with several Cambridge based architects and interior designers, so am happy to make recommendations or work with new people. I can arrange drawings of the existing property, then look at the layout options that best meet the brief. Once every component of the house and its design has been considered and approved by you, the final plans are drawn up.

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Planning Application

I take care of Planning Applications, Building Regulations, Party Wall Notices, Structural Engineers and any other services that may be required (e.g. drains). I can manage the whole process from application submission, assisting with any site visits or further information requested by the council, right through to when approval is granted.

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Work Specifications

I create a schedule of works which lists every element of work required for the duration of the project. This ensures everyone is clear on what needs to be done, and importantly all work is covered in the contractors’ quote.


Sourcing Products

I love researching products and finding the best and most practical solutions to problems. I can help you find a stylish unobtrusive lift or reliable solar panels, whatever you need I’ll make sure you get the best available within your budget.



Once an overall estimate has been agreed, a contract between you and the contractor will be drawn up to ensure both parties are protected throughout the course of the project. This typically includes; specification of works, agreed costs, project timeline, payment plan and responsibilities of each party.

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Managing the Build

Once the build has commenced I visit the site daily to monitor progress and ensure quality of work. I am on hand to troubleshoot and ensure any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. I can help you make decisions, including those related to technical building specifications.

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Interior Design

A well-built property still needs to feel like home. I work with clients to discover what design suits them, offering a non-judgemental, experienced sounding board and providing guidance on anything from the colour of door hinges, to the best places to get made-to-measure curtains. I work with a number of talented local interior designers.

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Building Control

During the planning phase, I work with the contractors to ensure all proposed works comply with current building codes and regulations. Final building control ensures all properties are safe and fit for purpose to safeguard your investment and any future sale value.


Get Inspired

Rebecca Orde is proud to support the Tom’s Trust 31 Stars campaign.

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toms trust

I am passionate about helping older people and people with disabilities improve their homes. I am constantly seeking out stylish design solutions from Japanese loos to home lifts, that can help future proof my clients homes. I am on a journey to find great people and products that share this mission. Here I share conversations and collaborations so that we can discover great things together.  Most days when I can I begin my day walking through Granchester Meadows. I took this photo on one of my regular walks. This time is important to me to gather my thoughts for the day ahead and absorb inspiration from podcasts and conversations.

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"Let's Talk About…" is a podcast that documents this journey where I speak to some inspiring advocates for inclusivity and sustainability and share some of my favourite innovative products; challenging you to think about your homes differently and not just for your current needs.

Coming soon ...

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Holland Street, Cambridge CB4

Complete refurbishment of a Victorian terrace

"Like most Victorian terraces we weren’t using our house well due to the layout and it wasn’t fitting our lifestyle. It was all just dated and falling apart. We wanted to make changes whilst we still have many years to enjoy them as opposed to doing it at the end before moving out. We waited for the children to be slightly less destructive and then went ahead. We wouldn’t have even contemplated trying to do the work on the house without Rebecca. The thought of trying to manage all the different tradespeople, get it all co-ordinated and find them would have been too all encompassing in our busy lives."

Case Studies

"Even through the pandemic and lockdown Rebecca kept work on site going safely, organising for additional cleaning and contractors working sequentially. Rebecca is always one step ahead.

She completely owns it and you know you are in a safe pair of hands. You know she’ll work out a solution. Her contact list is fantastic. She knows everybody. She’s very pleasant to work with. You feel warm towards her and you see the same warmth in the guys who work for her. We would absolutely recommend her to anybody."

Some of the people who made this house  

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Whitegate Close, Girton

Ground floor refurbishment

"We’ve lived in the house from new, but it’s now 20 years old, hoards of teenagers have rampaged through it and gone. It needed sorting out. It was looking shabby. I had to make a decision either to sell it and buy something smaller or do it up and carry on living in it. I realised that I needed some expert help to get the job done. I wouldn’t have had the time, energy and effort to chase round these small individual suppliers endlessly, supervise what they do and chase their invoices.  


Rebecca does all of that. The whole thing was managed as one."

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Some of the people who made this house  

"I only had to liaise with Rebecca. I knew to do this effectively you needed to be there everyday and knew I wouldn’t be able to do that. That’s exactly what Rebecca did, she was there everyday. She did a really good job. It’s like new now, it’s like having a new house!"

The Lawns, CB3

Refurbishment of a kitchen and utility room

"We needed to replace our kitchen and utility room. We’ve been in the house for 20 years and this is the first major refurbishment we have done. I don’t think, in a home, there is anything more complex than a kitchen and utility site, in terms of the multiple disciplines needed.


In my professional life I have previous experience of project management so knew this could be an efficient way to minimise disruption and get the house done." 

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"Rebecca has excellent local knowledge and contacts. Her selection was very good from fixtures and fittings, to plumbing and gas, all very professional and very good at what they do. They were all quality people. She gets the job done."

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Some of the people who made this house  


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